Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rock Climbing in Rock Canyon

Here are some fun pics of Ashley and I climbing up in Rock Canyon.  A little cold, but that was nice because no one else was there!


IMGP1538 IMGP1535

IMGP1519 IMGP1537

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cute things that I have made

When I am not changing diapers, and doing some sort of other domestic task (insert picture of Husband rolling eyes here), I love to sew and knit.  Here, I’ll prove it.


_DSC0217 I’ll post other things that I make when they are done.  or when I feel like it, whichever comes first.

Zion 2007

So Ashley and I, this time with Baby in tow, went to Zion for the weekend.  Crazy nice weather, baby enjoyed it thoroughly.  Way too many tourists, but we’re used to that…. oh, and the shuttle bus really smelled bad.  At one point Ashley, while sitting on the shuttle bus, spilled her water on her seat.  It started to smell like something died, and when we got off the bus her skirt was completely covered in some mysterious brown liquid that apparently reconstituted itself after adding water.  I think it must have been a combination of German man sweat, and bum.

We had a great dinner at the Bit and Spur and baby got a little tan.

Zion 004

Baby on the Shuttle buss…no strollers allowed.







Zion 014 See, German tourists DO come in handy!  someone had to take our picture.

Coyote Gulch 2008

Some pictures of me and Ashley’s trip to Coyote gulch.  This was quite an adventure complete with danger and horror.  But a great time was had for all, and we will go again……maybe.









At the trail head.  



first night on the rim.  it was too windy to set up a tent, or cook our dinner for that matter.

IMGP1587 IMGP1595


our second camp. we were visited this night by several canyon creatures.  All I can tell you is that 2 yellow eyes peeking under your tent flap at 3am is a little unnerving.

IMGP1606 good thing Ashley had that knife!  Ok,we never actually used it, but we could have, and that made me feel nice.


                                                 this place is just crazy pretty.

IMGP1622 So to get out of the canyon you have to climb this 45 degree cliff that is about 100 ft.  Not that big of a deal, but this family from Salt Lake was scared to death, I sat at the top and belayed them up while Ashley was at the bottom putting them in harnesses and convincing them that they were not going to die.   Since we didnt plan on this, we ran out of water, and got CRAZY sun burnt sitting on that cliff for 3 hours.  But they were very grateful and shared their water while we made the 3 mile hike back to our cars.  We got back waaaaay later than we planned, so of course we were presumed dead.  

We stayed that night at the Calf Creek Falls campground, and came home the next morning.  We did however have some serious car trouble in Mona and Ryan was quite unhappy about coming to rescue us.

Anyway, we are alive and had a great time!

Snowshoeing in AF Canyon 2007

Here are some pictures of Ashley and I up AF canyon.  It was extremly cold, but we had a great time.  



IMGP1485 IMGP1482 IMGP1487